Hello there I'm Lynn, from the Netherlands. I like books, movies and tv shows .
Q: Hi Lynn! I'll be your secret ghost for the following month, let the spooky time begin! (Anonymous)

omgggggg haha i love this sorry i havent been active lately but ill be online as much as possible





HOW LONG IT TAKES TO READ THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR BOOKS: http://shortlist.com/entertainment/books/how-long-it-takes-to-read-the-worlds-most-popular-books

My brain likes this like this.

This is almost too good.

I gotta go, I have some reading to do.

Kristen Stewart photographed by Sebastian Kim for Vanity Fair

Kristen Stewart photographed by Sebastian Kim for Vanity Fair

What will happen when they grow too large for the pit? Will they turn on one another with flame and claw? Will they grow wan and weak, with withered flanks and shrunken wings? Will their fires go out before the end? What sort of mother lets her children rot in darkness? (x)

Q: harry potter (immunewicked)
  • Favorite character: hermione and draco <333
  • Least Favorite character: dolores umbridge ugh i hate her
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): 
    1. Romione 
    2. Hinny
    3. Jily
    4. Dramione
    5. me and draco <3 
  • Character I find most attractive: draco
  • Character I would marry: uhm draco? 
  • Character I would be best friends with:  hermione and luna 
  • a random thought: i hate snape sorry but why would you be so mean to your loves child 
  • An unpopular opinion: im so dissapointed about movie ginny 
  • my canon OTP:  Dramione
  • Non-canon OTP: Jily
  • most badass character: mcgonagall in the movies
  • pairing I am not a fan of: neville and luna omggggggg why would you 
  • character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): uhm idk jkr screws nothing up
  • favourite friendship: the trio ofcourse duhh
  • character I want to adopt or be adopted by: luna or hermione omg i love them both so much

Daniel Radcliffe photographed by Dale May for Mental Floss Magazine (2014)

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